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Geocaching is basically a high-tech treasure hunt using a GPS. If you are interested in learning more about this activity then I would recommend  you look at the official web site.

I have been caching since June of 2002. I started with my son who is now out on his own and now cache with msteelee. While geocaching I tend to like to find personalized signature items, cache items that generally would have the makers user name on them, or at least an item the finder would somehow know where it came from. I collect these when I can, and you can see them as well as my signature items on on my Signature Items page. On August 9th, 2003 I was featured in a newspaper article (alternate link) along with my son.

Caches I have hidden:

#1 09/12/2002

A mile from a halfmile
#2 11/27/2002 Old 470
#3 12/19/2002 You Sank My Battleship!
#4 07/24/2003 EaglEyeStash
#5 10/12/2003 Halfmile

I have combined two of my hobbies by carving wooden replicas of pathtags:

These two I carved for friends, CacheMaine. They both were carved from 3/4" maple about 10" diameter. The first one was a wedding gift and finished with water based colored stain and a few coats of poly. The second one was left bare to be finished by CacheMaine. The inset on the pivot of the dividers was sized so that the matching pathtag could be placed there.

Tim&Cameo(2).JPG (258388 bytes)  TimsMasonPlaqueUnfinished (Small).JPG (64774 bytes)

Click here for some of my other carved creations.


I may be contacted through, user name brdad.

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